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What You Can Expect On A Fall Foliage Train Journey

What You Can Expect On A Fall Foliage Train Journey

March 27, 2018

There are numerous ways to experience fall foliage. A train journey will allow participants to see as much of the beautifully colored leaves as possible in less than a week. This is just a sample of what you can expect on a five day long fall foliage train journey.

Day 1

You will start your train journey in Boston. This day will end up being low key as you will meet the people you're traveling with as well as the director of your tour. You will spend the the next two nights at a hotel in Boston to allow for plenty of time to see the highlights of the city with the colorful leaves as the backdrop.

Day 2

On this day you will tour Boston. There are numerous things to see here including the Boston Tea Party Ship and the the famous Old North Church. You will also get a chance to do a bit of shopping at Quincy Market and enjoy many of the areas restaurants since you will be venturing out on your own.

Day 3

Today will be the day that you start your rail journey. After you hop on board you will be whisked through Massachusetts and Maine as you make your way to New Hampshire. Donâ??t forget to spend plenty of time looking out the windows so that you can see all the colorful fall foliage. In particular the White Mountain National Forest has some of the most beautiful fall foliage in the world and you will get the chance to marvel at it as you pass by it. You will spend the night on the train, but donâ??t worry as you will have very nice accommodations.

Day 4

Once you wake up you will be able to see some fascinating scenery as the train heads to Vermont. This includes not only the changing leaves, but the mountains, ravines and bluffs as well. One you arrive in Vermont, you can enjoy the ruralness of the area as it will be filled with plenty of red, orange and yellow leaves to snap pictures of.

Day 5

By this time you will be in Stowe, Vermont. You will see that this area is full of natural beauty. Much of it is at the Green Mountains as it contains a lot of marble in addition to colorful leaves! You will end your journey by transferring to a hotel to allow for time to explore the area. Highlights of the area include the Mystic Seaport. You can either hop back on board the train the next day to make your way back to Boston or you can stick around the area to do some sightseeing or make your own arrangements to head back to Boston or another destination on a different day.