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Oregon Fall Foliage Tours | Pacific Northwest Fall Foliage Tours

Pacific Northwest fall foliage tours often include Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.  Drive through breathtaking hillside panoramas.  Evergreens mix with maples so you have a mix of green, yellow, gold, orange & red, making the fall foliage display both varied and rich.  The fall season will depend a lot on the rainfall each year, but you can usually enjoy fall foliage in the Pacific Northwest from mid-September to mid-October.

In Oregon, the Columbia River Gorge National scenic area offers of 80 miles of forest,  so driving along the Columbia River highway is always very scenic.  The Columbia River Gorge which divides Washington & Oregon also offers fantastic fall folaige vistas.  Another scenic drive is the Fremonet Winema National Forest, East of Crate Lake National Park in Southern Oregon is another amazing place to see fall foliage, with snow-capped mountain peaks in the background.

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