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Fall Foliage By The Numbers

Fall Foliage By The Numbers

February 18, 2017

Fall foliage is an art show put on by nature. It occurs when the green leaves of deciduous trees change colors as winter starts to approach. These colors include deep crimson, bold orange and dark yellow. Fall foliage is very popular among tourists and many people visit a city in the fall just to see this magnificent display in the making. There are a lot of numbers that can be associated with fall foliage which makes this phenomenon even more interesting.

Fall Foliage By The Numbers

  • 3 out of 10 people that come to Massachusetts in the fall are specifically visiting the area to see fall foliage. This is equal to thousands of people!

  • The 2 best months to see fall foliage are September and October.

  • There are 3 factors that greatly influence how vibrant the colors will be during a fall foliage season: cool air, water stress and photoperiod. Because of this, itâ??s hard to predict when exactly fall foliage will occur and when it will be at its peak.

  • 4 items are essential to having a good fall foliage trip. These include food, drinks, a camera of some type even if itâ??s just your camera phone and a bag to collect all of the leaves that you might find.

  • The majority of the United States sees fall foliage with the best viewing being in the following 8 states: Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin.

  • 3,165 is the number of feet that visitors hike up to the top of Mount Monadnock to see some of New Hampshireâ??s fall foliage.

  • $3 billion is the amount of money that tourists spend each year on activities related to fall foliage. This includes everything from hotel stays, to airfare or rental cars to even tours.

  • 950,000 is the amount of visitors that Vermont will see, with many of them visiting in the fall months.

  • Millions of leaves are shed after fall foliage has taken place.

  • Thousands of trash bags are used by individuals to collect the numerous leaves that are scattered about their yards when the leaves shed the trees after the fall.

  • $1250+ is the average amount a couple spends on a weekend trip to see fall foliage.

  • 100+ is the number of countries that fall foliage occurs in all throughout the world with popular places to see it besides America being Canada, Australia and J