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$2,031.00 The Canadian Rockies (89002021)

The Canadian Rockies (89002021)

Code: 8900-2021
Operator: Cosmos Tours

$2,769.00 Classic Fall Foliage (AB2021)

Classic Fall Foliage (AB2021)

Code: AB-2021
Operator: Globus Tours

$5,990.00 Grand New England

Grand New England

Code: Tauck-GR2021
Operator: Tauck Tours


We're A Fall Foliage Travel Authority

Unlike other travel destinations, the best time to visit New England is during Fall Foliage, which is during a very small window of time. You run the risk of missing what most have called a beautiful phenomenon by traveling either too early or too late. We are always on the same page with the operators as well as other organizations so that you may enjoy the best New England has to offer during this short and impactful time of year.

We Have Plenty To Offer

As a high-volume seller of travel, we are provided with the opportunity to be one of the first to receive a full list of available dates from several of our top tour operator partners. Timing is everything, especially when it pertains to booking a Fall Foliage tour of New England. These particular dates are only available for a short time once they're released, which is why we suggest starting your planning stage at least six months in advance, so you have your space(s) confirmed.

We Keep Your Best Interests In Mind

We are not in the business to simply process your deposits, we're in the business of keeping your best interests in mind... Knowing the best time to travel New England during Fall Foliage and successfully booking you on that date in order for to receive the best outcome is what we do. We're in the business of you returning and referring your friends and family. Also knowing with who to travel with in order for you to receive the best experience is part of our job.

We Provide Incentives

As consumers we're often looking for the best deal we can find without losing out on the service aspect involved in the transaction. It's one thing to to know Amazon is offering the absolute best deal on a widget, especially if you're signed up for Prime. You're paying less and you're getting it in two days. However, when you're talking about big ticket items like TRAVEL, you're going to have questions and make changes. We provide healthy discounts without it affecting the service to you.

Fall Foliage Tours travel options


Escorted Fall Foliage Tours 2020

Escorted Fall Foliage Tours

When you think of escorted Fall Foliage Tours, the first things that come to mind are autumn, cool weather, New England, winding roads, unique stores and an array of fall colors (red, yellow, purple and brown.) Travelers come from all around to experience the crisp, cooler temperatures and the great outdoors. From Maine to Massachusetts, tucked away in colonial villages, seaside villages, crystal clear lakes and cobbled streets, you’ll find the quintessential New England, the core of America and the essence of our history. Autumn's crisp chill and vibrant colors provide the perfect backdrop for a visit to New England. Now planning your Fall Foliage vacation is even easier, as we have done all the work for you. There are so many ways to travel while in New England. Choose from Escorted Tours, New England Vacation Packages, Rail Journeys and New England Fall Foliage Cruises. Fall Foliage Tours can not only save you money but provide the best value for traveling to New England.


Best Time To Plan A New England Escorted Fall Foliage Tour

Best Time To Plan A New England Escorted Fall Foliage Tour 

The main difference between traveling through New England during the Fall Foliage and anywhere else in the world is timing… When planning your 2020 Escorted Fall Foliage tour, you must first realize that Fall Foliage occurs during a small window of time. If you wait too long, you’ve missed it, and if you arrive too early, well you’ll miss it. This being said, and knowing what you know now, the best time to plan a tour like this is a year in advance. You should then plan to be booked nine (9) months prior to your departure. It’s really as simple as that if you wish to confirm your space and purchase the least expensive airfare. Due to the narrow window of time, space is normally sold out within six (6) months of peak fall foliage, and by this time airfare can be in the $500.00 per person area, which is what you want to avoid.


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Judy Z.
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I want to thank you for all the work that you put into making our trip just right for us. It was wonderful.
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Anthony F.
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The overall service from Alex exceeded our expectations. He was very efficient and had great attention to the details of our trip. When i plan my next tour, I will use Alex and Atlas again.
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Emily C.
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This is the second trip I have booked with Brenda. She is so helpful and a sweet voice on the phone. I look forward to booking with her more often!
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Carol was tremendous in her prompt attention to our vacation request. Due to circumstances out of our control, we are not able to join in on this tour. FOR SURE, we will use Carol in the future.
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Maria T.
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Carol was a pleasure to work with. I felt that she was very knowlegeable, pleasant and very easy going. She made this process very easy.
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Elena A.
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Customer service was quick, pleasant , very helpful, patient and able to provide all answers to questions and requests asked. I had a very easy time dealing with and i would use the same in the future . Great price and very clear explanations re additional concerns. will recommend to friends and relatives.
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Anita W.
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It was a pleasure working with Brenda Wachs. She provided all the information I needed to book this tour. She was wonderful to work with and when and if I plan to book another tour, I will definitely use your company and Brenda as my travel agent.
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Jun F.
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It was good experience working with Atlas, thank you - we are excited for our vacation!
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Cassy P.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL

I'm happy that I came across Atlas Cruise & Tours, with so many options out there when it comes to travel planning, it is refreshing to come across an agency that is professional,personable, & local. Not only, will they answer all your questions, they will also find you the best deals & rates for your budget. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a white glove treatment.
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Trupti S
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Over all we are very pleased with all the information provided by Alex. The process was very smooth. We are excited about our trip to Europe and hoping we will have enjoyable trip without any issue. based on my experience with your company I do have high expectation for this trip.

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