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Things to See and Do During Fall Foliage

Things to See and Do During Fall Foliage

October 10, 2017

Here are some things to see and do during fall foliage throughout New England:

  • Plymouth Rock

    Plymouth Rock is the celebrated landing place of the Mayflower. In 1620 the Mayflower landed here with the New World's first pilgrims.
  • Martha's Vineyard

    Martha's Vineyard was originally inhabited by Wampanoag Indians. It was named by Bartholomew Gosnold, a 17th century European sailor who explored the Vineyard. Bartholomew, who had a daughter Martha, found wild grapes growing on the island.
  • Rhode Island

    Wampanoag, Narragansett, and Nipmuck Indians lived in Rhode Island prior to the arrival of colonists-who desired religious freedom-in 1630. Rhode Island became a state in 1790.

    The smallest of the 50 states, Rhode Island is 48 miles long by 37 miles wide. With 400 miles of jagged coastline, Rhode Island nickname is the "Ocean State."
  • Newport

    The exclusive resort town of Newport, known as the sailing capital of the world, is situated on the southern tip of Aquidneck Island. The first U.S. tennis championships were held here at the Newport Casino in 1881.